That’s a really good question. Usually when a company hasn’t found the right solution it’s because they don’t have enough ideas on the table. That’s why I wrote the post saying why didn’t you ask us for feedback?

I learned afterward that they sent a survey to publication owners, but there are so many more “members” than just publication owners.

And also, I am way too familiar with how most corporations do surveys. They all have those 10 darn dots to choose an option, one to ten. If they had an open box to write suggestion, and read every one of them, they would find great suggestions.

Sure, it’s a lot to read. But if they read 1000 letters and found one idea that would make them multi-million profits, would it be worth reading them? I think so.

Most corporations don’t do that. I’ve been working with companies big and small for 21 years and I can count the number on my hands that have been open to feedback.

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