That might be true. And in a decade, we might all be dead and the planet might continue turning without our abominable presence.

I suspect Severn Suzuki was disregarded to some degree, by her father’s fame. Back in 1992, a lot of people thought David Suzuki was an alarmist. Back then, the Amazon was not on fire. The polar ice cap wasn’t almost gone, and climate scientists weren’t saying we have less than a decade to turn it around.

Greta might be a different story because she didn’t stop by visiting the UN. She flew to Canada to lambaste Trudeau and convince him to step up the work and then led half a million people in a climate protest in Montreal. I’m not sure where she’s headed next, but I suspect she does not intend to stop.

Greta is not wrong in calling Asperger’s Syndrome her super power. If she continues what she is doing, what she will do is empower the youth whose futures are at risk. Because let’s face it, those old white men dissing her are going to die of old age. That’s all she wants to do, too. And they are robbing her of that possibility for no reason but greed and ignorance.

When her millions of followers start voting in 1–3 years, we might see some radical changes that are very needed.

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