That is very true. I think there’s one more option. There are women who are even more patriarchal and gender biased than old white men like Trump and Kavanaugh.

They are the women shouting “what were you wearing, were you a virgin, why did you drink, why did you go there, you were just *asking for it* and you deserve what you got, etc.

They are the women who look at girls in shorts or short skirts and call them sluts. Think of women principals yelling at young girls for “distracting” the boys by showing a shoulder.

They are the women who shook their finger at me and told me I should be “ashamed” of being in management because I was robbing a man of that position and “he” has a family to support, as if I didn’t.

I don’t think those women are seeking male praise, I think they are so socialized in their gender biases that they have archaic beliefs about men and women and they victimize women just as quickly and easily as men like Trump and Kavanaugh do and they’re proud of it because other women need to know their “place” just like “they” do.

Bah — sorry this was so long. I liked this a lot! ❤

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