That is very true.

I’ve been in the marketing/seo/social/web-dev industry for 21 years (since 1995) and I am making more than double what I did 10 years ago.

It’s a bizarre field, with a real mix out there…
— Newcomers will little skill or talent
— Newcomers with seriously mad skills
— Long timers that kick butt
— Long timers that haven’t kept up to date.

One thing about marketing is that no matter what we sell, whether it’s coffee, jewelry, or services — customers only care about the price when they don’t have any other way to compare their options.

For example — I’ve never heard of a person who expected to buy a Ferrari at the price of a Volkswagen. No one who buys a Rolex thinks it should be the price of a Walmart throwaway.

So, I think that showing a client why I’m worth what I charge is on me. If what I *do* is marketing, then it starts with marketing myself.

There will always be people who will not pay my rate, and lots who can’t afford my rates. They’re not my clients and the faster I figure that out, the faster I can move on to who is.

There are people who will pay for results. The key has two parts — first is positioning yourself so that people know what you bring to the table. Second is walking away from anyone who’s not the right client.

None of that is easy, I know. But the right clients are out there.

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