That hasn’t been my experience at all. Last week I sent the same email 3 times (for a client) . The first one got a pretty lukewarm response — only 13%. The 2nd send got 10% response rate (still weak) — but the 3rd send got whopping 26% response rate.

The trick to not annoying the people getting the emails is segmentation. In each case, I did not re-send to people who clicked a previous version.

By the third mailer, the list had grown much smaller because of segmentation the previous 2 emails.

Common sense would make you believe there’d be little response since these are the people who didn’t engage with either of the previous sends. Yet it was the best response of the 3, both in click rates and purchase rates.

I have another client this would never work for. I can resend, but I need to re-write and come at it from a different angle. It comes down to getting to know the list and how they respond.

I’ve been in marketing for 21 years online, and the one absolute I’ve learned the hard way is that there are no hard and fast absolutes.

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