That bit is true, for sure. A lot of creatives (artists, designers, writers, etc) are touchy that way. Some of it is ego-based, for sure. But a big factor is the vast many people with no tact and less manners.

If a person says “I like where you’re going with that, but I wonder what it would look like if you…” that’s a totally different feedback than “wow, that sucks

Kindness and respect are free and it doesn’t cost me a single penny to let someone retain their dignity. If someone can do all of those while offering advice or suggestions, I’m game to listen. If not, they should just shut their trap. Silence is also free.

It’s hard enough for creatives to put their work “out there” for feedback. What they don’t need in return for their efforts is vitriol from someone that didn’t learn to bring good manners to the table.

Thanks for taking the time for a real conversation. It’s one of the things I love best about Medium. ❤

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