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Sometimes, you plug away at a thing, but you’re not sure if you’re making progress. You know? Enough progress. Or any progress.

Cause it seems kind of slow going.
I’d been writing (almost) daily for two months. (I missed a few.)

Checked my email this afternoon and saw this…

What??? So I opened them, of course. And saw this…

So I just wanted to say thanks for the new top writers by tag feature…

I know they change daily. That’s okay, it’s incentive! Plus…?

What a great way to find writers that write about stuff I want to read! My feed is going to look awesome again! So, thank you!

Thanks for reading my thank you note! ❤

P.S. For anyone that hasn’t heard of this feature yet, read more here:

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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