Suzanne, that was just the most fun-est and adorable thing ever.

Wait. Is there anyone for whom frosting isn’t the sweet spot? I suppose there must be, we can’t all have good taste. I have discovered that if you cut the cupcake in half horizontally, you can put the bottom on the top and have an frosting sandwich. Blasphemy, of course, but delicious blasphemy.

Don’t wait too long, though. You can read and write-gab in between posting. I’m just greedy that way. More. Moar!!

P.S. I’d be over the moon if you were to write a post for Medusa Wept. It’s tiny. Not many followers. But also *very* new and I’m hoping to grow it. In case you have any thoughts on (or interest in) women’s issues. Then again, I doubt it matters what you write about as long as you do. :)

And thanks again. Made my day, too! :)

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