Steven, this was excellent. My daughter uses the phrase “extra” for when people go the extra mile. This was very extra. lol. I gave it all the claps because I hope people will read it, too. So many good points.

Yes, the number of people who couldn’t be bothered to vote is astounding. I think of the 800K people that Stacey Abrams registered because they were eligible to vote but not registered and wonder if that’s part of the problem.

Probably another part of the problem is the system itself. When people don’t vote the most common reason they give is that they don’t think their vote actually matters. I wonder if the electoral college feeds that idea.

But most of all — the very last point you made is spot on. Making America great will not come from the White House. At lease not directly. It will come from ordinary people taking a stand for basic decency. And if they can do that, let’s be honest — there would be a big turnover in government. There would have to be. Because basic decency isn’t even on the table right now.

Thanks for this insightful reply. You’re awesome! :)

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