Sorry, but Medium stats kind of suck… :(

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I don’t look at stats much. Just assumed they work for those that use them. Mostly, I just watch read ratio. I figure if it’s over 70% I’m doing something right. If it’s lower than 50% I’m doing something wrong.

Hearts and comments are the cherry on top. At least to me. Because, duh, if you’re writing to communicate but no one responds, it’s kind of a fail.

Also, I DO know if you scroll down the list of stories, there’s a “referrers” link under each one so you can see where the visitors came from.
I should look at them, but honestly, I seldom do.

To be fair, I hadn’t even thought of it up to now. But then this happened…

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Erm — how did that happen? I haven’t posted for just over 2 weeks. WEEKS!!

So where the heck did all those views come from out of the blue? Certainly not a new post that did well.

And you know what I discovered?
There’s no way to know…

I clicked on the bar graph thinking it would load the referrers for that day.
Nope. Click till the cows come home, it loads nothing. Nada.

I’m sure there’s a little man behind the curtain laughing at the dumb bunny trying to click on a graphic that has a mouse-over effect, but goes nowhere.
And why does the bar graph change and highlight the day if clicking it doesn’t do anything? Is that there for sheer amusement value? Or…??

Medium: Hey medium user, you got over 7000 views yesterday!
Me/User: Wow! Really? Wow. Where’d they come from?
Medium: Hahahahah. You don’t get to know. Hahahah.
Me/User: *sigh*

I think it’s dumb that we can’t see daily stats, but I don’t get to control that.
I also think it’s dumb that when I mouse over the bar graph, I can “highlight” the bar for each day, but it doesn’t do anything besides change colors. What was the point of that?? Is that an “ooh, shiney” thing? *sigh, grumble*

Unless I’m wrong. Wouldn’t be the first (or last) time. Maybe I just don’t have the secret combination or the magic key. If you know something I don’t, do please clue me in. And if I’m not wrong, I hope the walls are listening.

I suppose now I can’t say I haven’t posted for 2 weeks. Bwa-ha-ha.

P.S. I’m not really sorry that stats suck here, but I’m Canadian and we apologize for everything. It’s the way we’re made. Sorry.

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