Sometimes consumers have that power — but not always. Often, big box stores move into small places and drive everyone else out of business.

Even when there is some competition left, with worker wages only increasing 11% in 40 years, many people have to shop the cheapest places they can find.

For example, I can go to the local farmer’s market and buy one lb of carrots for $5. Or I can go to walmart and buy 5lb of carrots for $1. For people living on low wages and struggling to make ends meet, the choice is obvious.

Here’s another one. The local owned pet store sells a case of 12 tins of pet food for $9.99. The exact same pet food is $6.95 at walmart. You see?

It is easy to say the consumer votes with their wallet — and I say that too, but not everyone can afford to vote with their wallet if the alternative is going without.

I think we also need government legislation regarding the amount CEOs earn compared to how much workers earn. If a corporation was not allowed to pay the CEO 1000x what the average worker makes. A little less greed at the top and a little more generosity towards those at the bottom and we would be more able to vote with our wallets.

Thanks so much for reading and taking time to have a conversation. :)

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