Shareholder primacy and unfettered capitalism.

50 years ago, CEOs earned in one month what their employees earned all year.

Today, CEOs earn the average workers salary by noon on New Year's Day. Some earn it in minutes flat.

In the past 43 years, CEO salaries have gone up 1100% while worker wages have gone up 10.9%.

It would take an Amazon warehouse worker 200 years, full time, to earn what Bezos earns in one hour.

In the hour that it takes a new Walmart employee to earn the $11 starting wage, the Walton family earns 4 million. Per hour.

Americans cannot afford a $500 emergency, much less a home or family. Most have no savings.

And why is that? Because congress is a millionaire's club and there is no one looking after the interests of the working poor.

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