Secrets are easy. People don’t read so much as they scan. How high is that wall, anyway? Can we climb it?

You sent me off on another thought train with the Seinfeldian comment, which I loved, by the way. (dang you’re good with a turn of the phrase)

I once did a site for a fellow and he sent me a photo for the about page. I emailed back and said Hahah, that’s hilarious. But seriously, I can’t post a photo of Seinfeld on your about page. He wrote back and said IT’S ME! Then he sent me one holding a sign that said Hi Linda, to prove it. I also have a client that’s the spitting image of a young Bill Clinton. The world is a strange place.

I’m in the Medium thing for the Seinfeldian nature of it, too. Maybe one day I’ll start rambling about what I actually do. For now, I’m enjoying the virtual coffee with friends aspect. A break from work.

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