Same thing happened to the little bookstore in my hometown. One day a “going out of business sale” sign appeared in the window. I went in, shocked. Told the owner I can’t even imagine not being able to go there anymore.

He was bitter and angry and said Amazon is killing little bookstores like him. So I asked him why he’s not on Amazon. Amazon might be killing some bookstores, but it’s allowing others to thrive. There’s tons of little bookstores around the country that I shop at via Amazon that I wouldn’t have found any other way.

He gave me the usual nonsense. He doesn’t have “time” for that. He’s not an “Internet” guy. So I asked him what’s happening to all his books. He said whatever doesn’t sell in the liquidation is being sold to another bookstore a couple of hours away — a bookstore that sells on Amazon.

Times change and we have to be able to adapt. Sad that so many small bookstores can’t do that when it would allow them to keep the doors open for people like you and me that love to go in and poke around.

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