Rick, this is an amazing response. When I was little, I loved dogs. I was a farm kid and there’s always dogs on the farm. Dad had dogs, my uncles had dogs, the neighbors had dogs. And I’d run to all of them, arms open for hugs.

Until we moved to the city and I ran up to a dog that wasn’t so friendly. Of course, my screams only made it worse.

One attack was all it took to make me forever leery, it seemed. Because I didn’t know “which” dogs were safe anymore, and a grin and wagging tail wasn’t assurance anymore. The dog that attacked me looked friendly. You know?

The perception of male threat isn’t fun for women, either. It sucks to be on both ends of the equation. It sucks for men to be always perceived as a potential threat and it sucks for women to not know who is safe and who isn’t.

Thanks for this reply — we need male voices, too. Women can talk until we’re blue in the face, but until men start chiming in, not much changes. So, thank you. ❤

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