Really and truly, I think you could start with Medium and Substack, which is a place you can build a mailing list free. Then just add it to your profile on Medium so people can find you if they like your writing.

Here’s a little secret from long ago. I was working online full time before I got around to building a website for myself. That was 20 years ago and Medium didn’t exist yet, but other sites like it did. I had a profile on a site much like this one, where I wrote as often as I could. People who liked what I had to say contacted me.

Once you’re ready for a site, there are so many prebuilt sites you can likely get away with someone giving you feedback along the way. If you were an ecommerce store, I’d tell you to get a site right away. But if writing is your goal, then just start writing.

I followed you, but feel welcome to tag me on your posts because the feeds can be be wonky and I don’t always see posts of people I follow. Best of luck.

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