Rape is rape, regardless of gender.

According to the National Sexual Violence Research Center, nearly 1 in 5 women (18.3%) and 1 in 71 men (1.4%) in the USA have been raped at some time in their lives.

Plus, an estimated 13% of women and 6% of men have experienced sexual coercion.

The phrase "rape culture" was coined by feminists in the 1970s to show the ways in which society blamed victims of sexual assault.

We do see the "blame the victim" culture with women. ie; why were you there, what was she wearing, was she a virgin?

I'm not sure we see the same "blame the victim" mindset with men. I do believe we see a lot of "shame the victim" when it's men. Culturally, we pretend men are supposed to always "want it" so we shame them for calling rape.

Rape is rape, regardless of gender. I'm just not sure we culturally act the same, depending on gender of the victim. How we do act, though, is wrong regardless. Victims should not be blamed OR shamed.

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