Patriarchy in action, yes. But there’s more to unpack. First, as Brock Turner’s father said “why ruin a young man’s future for 20 minutes of action” — and that’s a big part of it. Men don’t think having sex with a woman should ruin their future. Even when it’s rape. Because, it’s just a little action, right? Not like they killed her or anything.

But there’s more. Because we all know it’s the girl’s fault. Because why was she there, what was she wearing, was she even a virgin? Hell, we teach 12 year olds to cover up their shoulders (no tank tops!) because the boys can’t think or study and what do you expect if you show them female flesh? So part of the “don’t ruin their future” crap comes from “it was her fault anyway”

People who are intellectually disabled are assaulted and raped in even greater numbers than average rape statistics for women. And if you’re not going to ruin a man’s future for raping “any” woman, you most certainly are not going to ruin a man’s future for raping a woman that doesn’t have much of a future. And she’s intellectually disabled — who knows, maybe she agreed — is the thought they don’t want to say out loud. As though someone with an IQ of 64 can actually give consent, but that doesn’t cross their mind.

All that stuff goes out the window when it’s a black or brown man because now you’re piling racism on top and the white man’s rules don’t apply.

Gah. It sucks and this is why we need feminism and women who don’t shut their mouths and keep talking about this stuff. Sorry for the long reply. :)

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