One of the best things about Medium is exactly this — the unexpected conversations that sometimes happen in comments.

Don’t ever feel anxious about hitting publish, though. I’ve done the same thing, posted a thought I wasn’t too sure of and had someone come throw more information on the table in comments. We all do it, because, human! lol.

I hadn’t known about the Three Cups of Tea debacle (how did I miss that one?) so I enjoyed the link. Kind of made me shake my head. There was another one like it not too long ago — some guy Oprah had endorsed and turned out he was a big sham. It’s kind of sad, really.

The books I listed — they’re the kind that rip your heart out while it’s still beating and you’re a mess of tears and snuffle by the time it’s done.

Personally, I wonder if people like Mortenson *wish* they had a more interesting story so they make one up. Bizarre part of that is that when push comes to shove, honesty is what’s most compelling. Which is why I followed you. ❤

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