Oh, I can hardly wait to see. Please do tag me so I don’t miss it. The feed is fickle at the best of times.

I must share this. My brother feeds a crow family, too. 3 of them, a pair and one young that never left. He has a morning ritual, where he gets up, jogs to a Starbucks that’s a 10 minute jog away, and then gets a morning coffee and walks back. Once the crows realized that he is feeding them after the Starbucks run, they took to following him there and back.

He said he gets the funniest looks when he’s jogging there and there’s 3 crows accompanying him at about the level of his head. I’m sure it must look like he’s being chased by them. And then they follow him home and as soon as they see the condo, they head to the back yard and wait at the patio doors. He’s half a country away, but I’d sure give anything to see that!!

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