Oh God, understatement of the year. lol. Take the bar graph, for example. We've all had those days where we have a sudden surge and get double the views we normally do.

In "normal/basic" stats, you could click on the day and see where the traffic came from. On Medium? Nope. Guess, baby, guess.

And there's no freaking way to track how much each article earned on a cumulative basis. Honestly, that tool alone would make people strive to up their game.

Because when they see one or two pieces that scored $500 or $100 and a bunch of 10 buck nonsense, they'd work harder. But nope. No way to tell how much each story earned except to repeatedly look at stats,

Another good one. Realized I'd been following you but not feedium, so I followed that, too. Thanks, JJ

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