Of course she's going to evade all questions. Of course she "can't express a view" as she repeatedly says.

ACB and her husband are reportedly members of People of Praise, a rather fundamental religious group.

Coral Theill, a former member of People of Praise, told Newsweek that women are expected to be "absolutely obedient" to their husbands and the men in the group.

According to Theill, those who aren't are "shamed, shunned, humiliated."

Tim Kaiser, who grew up in the People of Praise and left aged 18 in 1997, told Newsweek, "the submission to your husband bit is not negotiable."

When she says she "can't express a view" that's quite literal. She is being asked questions on the fly. She needs her husband or the male leaders.

Donald Trump wants her there because she will do what she's told to.

Vote the entire darn senate out. Wipe it clean. Start over.

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