Of course he did. The alternative would be to tell the truth. To tell people that in the last 40 years, CEO salaries have gone up 1100% while worker salaries went up 10.9%.

That the rich are paying them less so they can put more in their own pockets. Taking so much they couldn't spend it in several lifetimes.

He's not going to say that. So he told them what they want to hear. Brown people are coming here and taking your jobs, that's why you're struggling.

And then he took steps to "punish" all those brown people with insults and cages. How dare they come take American jobs.

Pushing buttons. That's what he learned in the world of reality television.

The saving grace, of course, is that half of Americans didn't vote last time. If enough of those are tired of what they've seen, maybe they'll be smart enough to check all the blue boxes.

Clean up the senate at the same time. Biden won't be able to change anything if the senate doesn't change. And if Trump wins, a blue senate will keep him in check.

Tick tock. We'll see.

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