My opinion, but I call bull.

The Internet has become a breeding ground for passive aggressive behavior. Do you really believe that GaryV is, all by himself, “ breeding a world full of attention craving vultures..”

I could walk through a local mall and say his name to a hundred people and most of them would stare at me blank. Big fish. Small pond. You know?

And if you really believe he is “breeding a world of attention craving vultures” and this disturbs you so greatly, did you reach out to him personally to open a discussion? Why do I think not?

Open Letters, Themselves, Are Usually a Bid For Attention

Ever notice that? Oh sure, there’s exceptions. An open letter might be a way to reach someone who is outside of our reach. The president maybe, or someone that doesn’t fraternize with the wee folk and/or plebes.

Not only did you go the “open letter” route, but linked to his profile. Isn’t that, itself, a bid for the same attention you’re complaining about?

No Worries, the Rules are Mostly Ignored Here…

Medium has rules. #1 under Harassment says
posts that shame specific individuals

You can read them here if you want to…

But no worries. They’re mostly ignored anyway. It’s good for clicks.
Which is really freaking ironic given the topic of your post.

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