My Evil Impersonator Doesn’t Have A Medium Gold Star. Don’t Get Fooled!

I’m not asking anyone to contact me on WhatsApp. Those are scams. Here’s how to know for sure. (With screencaps)

Linda Caroll
2 min readMay 16, 2023
twins photo from pexels

Y’all — I have been getting PMs and emails all day letting me know I have an impersonator. Again.

Ugh. I know.

It’s the third time.

Can I show you something?

Here’s what the scammer is doing

Scammers reply to comments and pretend to be me. But take a close look. Can you spot the differences? The real “me” has the green AUTHOR by my name. Also, the Medium gold star. The scammer doesn’t have either.

screencap by author

I am not James and James is not me. See?

If you were to go to the scammer’s profile, here’s what you’d see. He has created a profile using my name and photo. But it’s not me.