Medium was doing Native Advertising. Paid posts that most people didn’t know were paid posts. A small handful of writers were making a cool grand (give or take) to write an advertorial that wasn’t even labelled as such.

I don’t know that I’d call that “not a problem.” I think it was a problem, and that’s why they changed — and FWIW, I applaud their decision to scrap that. I believe the team here realized that, hence the 180 turn.

Native advertising and bombing people with obtrusive ads aren’t the only way to monetize a site.

Implementation is always the issue. Either it’s done right — which means it enhances UX — or it’s done wrong, which detracts from UX. The “other”
companies you’re talking about clearly did the latter way, not the former.

And — you’ve given me an idea for a post, so thanks!! ❤

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