Manu, omg. Right? All of what you said. Even more than “please don’t ask for nudes” is how many women get unsolicited nudes. Men just sending them photos out of the blue. How messed up is that?

I cannot even imagine raising girls right now. Mine was growing up when the internet was pretty new and it was bad enough then.

It’s a tricky thing to find the balance. You know? Because on the one hand girls and women get harassed, they get nude photos sent out of the blue, they get propositioned and asked for nudes. But we don’t want them to grow up strong and resilient and somehow not hate men despite what too many of them do with the internet.

Honestly — buy them good books. Which gives me an idea. I’m going to write a post about great books to give young girls. I hope you’ll catch that one. I can tag you if you want.

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