lol. I’m Canadian. Middle of nowhere on the prairies, but Canadian just the same. We have some forward thinking politicians here. Naheed Nenshi, Charlie Clark, Hazel McCallion (now retired) and yes, Trudeau.

During the pride parade, the media were snapping photos of Trudeau and splashing headlines about the first time a Canadian PM was an official rep for Pride. Trudeau’s response — dude, I’ve been at Pride for decades. The only thing different is that I wasn’t the PM before.

Point of that ramble — if we’re ever going to have any change in the racist, bigoted atmosphere that prevails in North America (and the world) it has to trickle both ways. Up from the people into who they choose as leaders, and down from the leaders. Trump is just inciting the haters and that’s not good for anyone except for racist, patriarchal white folk.

Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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