Kudos that you had the parts to say what you think… there’s more than one of those same studies. Look up the Canadian version of it. More men, same results.

The part I have issue with isn’t even the studies or anyone’s opinion of it, it’s comments like the last sentence of your post. Let’s pretend that only 15% of men rape. How are women supposed to know which men? How are they supposed to know when they are safe and when they are not?

You see, it’s not women that have “personal problems” with men — it’s a small number of men that have personal problems with women and not knowing WHO those men are terrifies most women.

If men got raped in the same numbers, you’d be able to identify instead of being angry. If men were not “safe” walking down the street, waiting for a bus, or going anywhere alone, you’d have far more empathy and much less antagonism.

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