Jessica, you nailed it again. And that's the good ones. Then there's the ones running seminars about how to make money. They don't even need to pay anyone. Lead pages and convert kit.

And then just push the financial pain buttons. Invest in yourself. Regularly $997, now only $497 but you gotta move fast. Look at my fancy car.

It's crept into writing too -- book coaches doing the same crap selling internet marketing programs to unsuspecting authors but not telling them their money doesn't come from selling books, it comes from selling how to sell books programs.

I have spent 20 years cleaning up behind those people, working with real live clients to teach them that you don't sell anything with those smarm techniques.

It's been going on bloody forever. Long before the internet, those people ran "work from home" ads in newspapers and if you were gullible enough to reply, they sent you a letter telling you to do what they do, run work from home ads.

It's disgusting, and even more so right now when so many people are in financial duress.

Thank you -- this needed to be said. And you said it so well.

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