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It’s really hard when you have wolves howling at the door and kids at your side

Ayodeji, you have so, so much good to say, and so many good points, but this one part makes me cringe.

1. Lack of belief and momentum are for sure the biggest problems

Most people struggle believing “they” can do it. They don’t doubt that “other people” can. They just aren’t sure “they” can. They hear so many people talk about how hard it is that they never really give themselves a chance. You are SO right about that. They need to say “if he/she can, why not me?!

2. Not following advice (or following through) is another big one

The human mind is to blame for that. Because we judge everything subconsciously by what we know. And since the new thing is foreign to our minds, it’s hard to walk that unfamiliar path. And scary. And on top of it, if it’s a LONG path, that makes it even scarier. Who wants to spend months or years, not knowing if it will work. So they listen, but don’t follow through. So true!

3. As you say, it’s not 1975. The Gatekeepers don’t matter now.

Before the Internet, the only way to make it as a writer was to have a gatekeeper approve. A publisher or editor, maybe at a publishing house or maybe at a magazine. We don’t need those anymore. We can go out and make our own connections, build our own audience.

If you have the ability to build authority and grow over time, go for it. Believe in yourself. You can do it.

Blog your heart out. On your blog and Medium and guest posts. Hone your skills and watch your own writing get stronger . Make connections and grow authority. It works just like Ayodeji says. But you have to do the work.

Problem is, not everyone has the time for the long path…

I didn’t. When my marriage ended, my income ended overnight.

But it all starts with believing in yourself…

Ayodeji is 100% right about that. You will never know if you don’t try.

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