It’s okay when the vision gets foggy. It happens to everyone. But I don’t buy into the “nobody cares” trope that seems to be real popular online lately.

I call bull on the no one cares thing. People care. You should care. Not about what anyone thinks, but about your dreams, your vision. And when you chase them, people who care about the same things you do will also care.

I think of the people whose words I devour (Mary Oliver, Neil Gaiman, etc., tons more) and I care about their work. It feeds me in some way that I don’t have words for in a mere comment that’s already too long.

I don’t think we should “care” in the way that means being influenced by someone else’s opinion. If someone hates my writing or my art, it’s not for them. But I should care. And the people it resonates with will care, too. And I should know that. It helps, at least more than thinking no one cares.

P.S. When the vision gets foggy, go to water or nature. It seems to help.

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