It’s everywhere. How to make bank on Medium, shopify, etsy, ebay, youtube, etc. Stupid but true story. A while back I was doing some promo for an actress and she asked me to update her IMDB photos. So I go to IMDB and I’m poking around and run across a notice telling “wanna be” actors not to buy books about “how to make it in Hollywood” because if the people writing them were making it in Hollywood, they couldn’t be bothered to sell those ebooks.

Granted, there are some people with good advice. They are the rare. But most of them are “succeeding” because it’s not hard to sell to the desperate. Cancer cures are hot because any shot at not dying is a shot worth taking. But lots of those “how to” people are only succeeding because half of America is broke and 2 paychecks away from the street and they’re peddling a “cure” bundled into a dream. Most of what they teach is direct marketing repackaged in one way or the other, which works great for the seller, not so good for the buyer.

Gah. Sorry that was long. Pet peeve, in case you couldn’t tell. Actual marketing (not the skeevy crap) is how I’ve paid the bills for 20 odd years.

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