It would appear you created this account specifically to respond, since you have no posts and no other comments. I suppose I should feel complimented.

Thing is, you’re making sweeping assumptions. We don’t know anything outside of *this* existence. We don’t know what happens before birth or after death. What if we do have a soul, and what if each of us did, in fact, give consent to be born? We don’t know that we did, but we also don’t know that we didn’t. What if there is a God or a fate? Again, no proof either way. It’s all beliefs.

It’s an interesting topic, philosophically speaking. What I find even more interesting is that you didn’t respond to a single thing I said. Just created an account to parrot the same stuff that was in the original article.

Kind of smacks of indoctrination, at least to me. Hang around this planet long enough and you’ll discover that indoctrination and conversation aren’t good bedfellows. You know?

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