It’s Bullying and Public Shaming…

Hi Elizabeth…

First thing — golden rule of the Internet — if there’s a**holes on your site, it’s your fault.

Your own rules page clearly says “We don’t tolerate harassment on Medium.” Seems transparent enough to me. Implementation seems to be another thing.

This current incident was with Jon, but it’s not the first time. Ben has been publicly skewered, as has Cammie in the past. They’re not the only ones.

It’s easy to say “be nice” and “put away the pitchforks” —but that works about as well as telling a bully to stop bullying. Because that’s what it is; it’s bullying and public shaming and ridicule and you are allowing it to continue, despite the fact that your rules say it’s not tolerated.

I have to wonder how many people see those kinds of posts and hesitate to put their own work out because they don’t ever want to be the subject of the bullying and public ridicule that seems to be allowed here.

Mob rule is great for clicks, but allow that to continue and all you’ll do is build a community of people who get high on the crack pipe of outrage.

Secondly — we are not “users.”

Well maybe some of us are. Unless you’re talking about a group who are snorting or shooting a substance of choice, then users is the right word.

Maybe that’s anal. It’s the field I work in. Members, customers, clients — whatever. “Users” is depersonalizing and isn’t congruent with the kind of behavior you’re suggesting.

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