As H Nemesis Nyx said, it’s not up to the oppressed to educate the oppressor, especially when the information is publicly available. For example, if a woman is being battered by her husband, it’s not her job to teach him why abuse is wrong. That’s on his shoulders.

Likewise, it is not up to people of color to teach white people what they’re doing wrong. Let’s set aside slavery of black people for a moment, okay? Let’s look at today...

Look at how many black people are shot by police, compared to whites. Those numbers are on the Internet.

Look at how many people of color are in prison, compared to white. It’s not because they commit more crime. It’s because they get harsher sentences. Look it up. It’s online.

The good old USA has a president that says “let’s make America GREAT again — and let’s start by sending all the colored immigrants back where they came from and building a wall we’ll make Mexicans pay for.”

And — a full quarter of the country voted the orange bozo into power. Google Steve Bannon quotes.
And Donald Trump quotes.
While you’re at it, look up Alt-Right and Breitbart.
Those are the folks running the country.

If you look up all that stuff, and chase down the nasty rabbit holes you’ll find, there will be NO room left to wonder why black people or ANY people of color still feel the way they do. Their experience is real, and it’s happening, and it’s white people doing it to them. Still. Today.

Also, go read Shaun King on Facebook. You’ll learn a lot, I promise.
Things white people don’t even think of, because they don’t have to.
That’s what white privilege really means. The stuff you don’t even have to think about, much less worry about.

If a white person gets pulled over by a cop, they don’t worry about whether they’ll get shot. They only have to wonder if they’ll get a warning or a ticket. Black people, though, teach their driving age children, particularly boys, where to look and how to talk so they don’t get shot if they get pulled over. Can you even imagine living that way every day of your life?

Saying “I have a black friend” doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist anymore. You don’t say “I have a white friend” right? It’s like when an actor won an Oscar and the media lauded him for being the first black man to win an Oscar… and he replied to say when they don’t need to mention the color of the winner, that’s when we’ve made progress.

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