It is not about whether America can afford them, or Bezos or any of the rich. You’re right — they would not miss the money. That’s not what it’s about. I’m glad you don’t see what it’s about, because it’s real ugly.

See, we know not all people who get COVID-19 will need ventilators. Only some small percent of people get bad enough to go on a ventilator.

Scientists estimate one million Americans will need ventilators. But statistics show once someone is ill enough to be on a ventilator, they have a 50/50 chance of surviving. Half the people put on ventilators live. Half die.

If they *don’t* spend the billion — that doesn’t mean all those people will necessarily die. It just means doctors will choose the ones with best odds and use the ventilators that are available. The ones least likely to survive in the first place just won’t get a shot at a ventilator.

So here’s what that looks like to the rich people who could pay for it…. one billion dollars to save maybe 500K people. Do the math per life.

From a doctor’s lips…

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