It blows my mind a little. In Canada, we get greater voter turnout on the years we are trying to keep someone OUT of office.

It’s one thing to vote for a favorite, but it’s another thing entirely to march one’s butt down to the voting booth to cast a vote against some schmuck that does not belong there.

Trump is not loved by the majority. If every single person that does not want him re-elected voted blue regardless who it is, Trump would not be re-elected. He would lose by a freaking landslide.

Watching from the outside, seems most Americans are stuck on who they “like” and will stay home and see him re-elected before they’ll vote strategically for someone they don’t like in order to get rid of him.

But hey, it will mean another 4 years of news drama and abortion bans and war threats and tons of scandalous fodder in the news for bloggers to write about. *sigh*

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