In the summer, I think this is possibly one of the most beautiful places in Canada. A river runs through the entire city, with forest walking paths alongside it. I can walk to the river and forest in under 10 minutes. 2 minutes by car. And we’re only 250 miles north of Montana, so it’s not too close to the North Pole. :)

We do get some of the wildest temperature variations in the country, though. Not unusual to see -40* F in winter or 90* F in summer. In winter, the radios stations regularly announce how long it takes flesh to freeze. So no, don’t visit in winter. Haha.

When I was in California, once, someone asked me if it’s true that we live in igloos up here. Man, I laughed about that for a while. Nope. Regular houses.

The Bay of Fundy is gorgeous. Also the coastal areas in British Columbia. There’s a lot of beautiful country up here.

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