In many of the biggest cites in America, there were meat trucks parked at the back of hospitals.

Frozen meat trucks. The kind that transport meat.

They were there for the bodies. Bodies of Americans that died alone, without family to hold their hand or say final goodbyes.

And then their bodies were moved into a meat truck to make room for the other sick people.

200,000 people. Very few of them received the kind of health care Trump is going to receive.

He gets private doctors. Military jets to fly him there. Many of those people got -- doctors wearing used PPC and a meat truck out back.

If the people who lost a loved one during the worst of it turn around and vote for him -- I'm not sure there's any hope for them or America.

The good news is that only 25% of America put him in office. 49% stayed home 4 years ago. Let's hope they don't stay home this time.

Let's hope they paint the senate blue. Because Biden isn't enough. Y'all need to change the senate or not much will change. You don't really think it's "all" him, do you? No. Sweep the senate.

Good piece, Umair. Thanks for what you do.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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