In Canada, there was a case that recently went to court. A woman’s ex broke into her home and installed hidden cameras in her living room and bedroom. Then he posted “compromising” photos and videos of her on the internet and sent them to friends and family.

It was HIS family that contacted her to tell her about the photos. They confirmed they saw the photos and videos.

The initial charges filed were break and enter, voyeurism and distributing intimate images of her without consent. In court, the judge ruled that there was “insufficient proof” that he’d distributed the images.

He was found guilty of break and enter.

4% of all Americans are victims of revenge porn and it affects young women disproportionately. 10% of women under 30 have been a victim of revenge porn.

49 states now have revenge porn laws. But then, we have rape laws too, right? Having laws and enforcing said laws are two different animals.

You’re right that something needs to change. Like, the entire structure of our society. Because the fabric it’s woven from has more holes than cheesecloth.

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