In 1978, the average CEO made 30x the average worker wage. From 1978 to 2013, CEO compensation increased 937% while worker compensation increased 10.2% in the same period.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, CEO salaries are rising 70% faster than the rise in the stock market.

The system needs better checks and balances. A cap on CEO wages would be a good start. Not a dollar value cap, but a ratio cap. ie; the ceo of any corporation may not earn more than 35x the lowest paid wage in the company.

Or, the wages must increase proportionately. If CEO wages go up 10%, wages go up 10% across the board.

The people in the top 10% wouldn’t like it much, but the benefit to the 90% outweigh their need for a 3rd vacation home or another private jet.

Problem is, the solution starts with how everyone votes and too many people are voting that a rich man gives a shit about their needs. People need to wake up and vote for the better good of all, not the candidate who hates the same people they do.

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