Important to remember there’s more than one path to the top. I don’t see Stephen King or Liz Gilbert or J.K. Rowling selling online courses for $5,000 or $50,ooo per customer.

Niche is a factor, too. If you sell non-fiction, how to materials, it’s easy to slide over into courses. Selling courses is a viable business, for sure, but it isn’t the same as writing books.

A person who just wants to write sci-fi, or YA novels, or horror — they may have zero interest in selling courses. So then what?

You’re spot on right that most authors are afraid to sell. But that’s because they think selling is a smarmy thing, one step removed from the sleazy used car salesman.

It often is, but it doesn’t have to be. A lot of Internet marketing people feed into that belief system by thinking courses and webinars are the solution to everything. Heck, look at your first comment.

Gah — sorry for leaving a book instead of a comment. Can’t help myself —helping people sell what they sell (without webinars or courses) is what I do for a living. lol.

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