“Imagine for a second that I’ve got a blog with 100 posts and they all link out to books I’ve written on Azamon, affiliate products, and email lists which I sell to.. Is this really blogging, or is it more of a content agency and personal brand?”

Blogging isn’t defined by what you write on said blog any more than facebooking is defined by whether you post shareable content or drivel. Some people use blogging to build a personal brand. Others don’t. Their choice.

The money flows where the focus goes.

For every Pat Flynn making $400 on ebooks, I can show you a Steve Scott, making $5000-$10,000 on ebooks. The money flows where the focus goes. From the numbers you posted, I can see where Pat’s focus is. Ditto for James Altucher and any other name you can throw on the table.

Did you read Yann’s article? Here’s how it starts…

Blogging is dead. Just like every other form of creative expression is. You don’t make money with blogging, writing, making music or with any other type of creative expression anymore. Those days are long gone. It doesn’t work anymore.

People don’t pay for art anymore. And the “artists” people pay for are the top 0.1% out there. 99.9% of the authors, bloggers, musicians or whatever won’t see a thing. Ever. I never made a single cent with my blog.

That’s what you agree with? I don’t. Not for a minute.

The interesting thing is that opinions come in 2 flavors — educated and uneducated. Like the people who don’t “believe in” climate change. (You’d think we were talking about the freaking Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy.)

While everyone has an opinion, and the right to have one, I’ll take an educated opinion over an uneducated opinion any day of the week.

My opinion comes from 20 years of taking small business owners from the “I never made a single cent” camp to the “holy crap, thank you Internet” camp.

It would seem to me that Yann’s opinion — and where it comes from — can be summed up by the sentence “I never made a cent with my blog…

Here’s another thing I believe. I believe that belief is an opinion that’s growing roots in your mind — the stage of thinking that lives smack in between opinion and conviction. Your beliefs lead to your convictions.

But, the nice thing about beliefs and opinions is that everyone is entitled to their own and no one has to agree with anyone else.

I stand by my piece. :)

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