I'm not sure they're all toast. There's one issue that people often don't think about until it affects them.

Most mail providers require that your physical mailing address be included in every outgoing email. No problem, right?

Unless you're a woman that works from home. I didn't think about it, either. Until some random guy started mailing me gifts. Books and plush toys and long story short, it got a little creepy.

Yes, a person can go register a PO Box, but if you're in a small town, that doesn't make you less easy to find if someone wanted to.

So far, there's only 2 providers I know that let you use "their" address instead of your own. ConvertKit and Substack.

If someone comes up with an SES service that bypasses the address issue, they might kick some real butt. I'd tell every woman I know to use it. Avoid the issue I ran into.

Good read, though and food for thought about where the industry is going. Thanks!

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