I’m not sure he does. Saying we understand and actually understanding are not the same.

He says “Now that women voices are more libertated Ive seen that were all enemies to you.

Men aren’t “all enemies” — but any unknown man CAN be a potential threat and to not acknowledge that shows that he doesn’t understand.

Men, in general, are bigger and have more upper body strength than women. A woman is raped every 2 mins in the USA. 1 in 6 women get raped and that’s only counting reported cases — unreported cases aren’t included.

Women speaking out about how they’ve been treated doesn’t make “all men” a problem. But it does indicate that women often feel unsafe.

A good start would be if men would stop looking at it as being a “protector” of women and start looking at how other men treat women.

There’s a real fine line between “I will protect her” and “dude, that’s not okay” — but I think it might be an important line.

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