I’m not entirely sure that we are. It feels like we’re living in the old testament, that’s what it feels like. The Earth is both burning and flooding, the are plagues of locusts sweeping the earth and plagues that attack humans, too, though we prefer to call them pandemics now.

Maybe if we’re lucky, that new Swine Flu in China won’t sweep the world on the heels of C0V1D-19, but maybe it will. Who knows? Maybe we’ll learn that masks don’t reduce testosterone and that freedom and free dumb aren’t the same thing.

There are many potential outcomes. One is that the world as we know it ends. Another option might be that the USA crumbles like Rome and some other country steps into those shoes, perhaps one that cares more about climate change, corruption, and global continuation and the greater good for all.

Maybe America votes in Biden and then he is unable to complete his term and his lady pick for vice takes over. Maybe putting women in powerful positions might be the change the world needs.

We don’t have a crystal ball. The winds of change are blowing, for sure. They can blow in more destruction, or they can bring change that saves our sorry butts in the eleventh hour. I don’t know. No one really does.

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