I’m kind of sad that this is the top highlight.

Because, how would it sound if we turned it around, and told women:
treat your man so he knows he is the most important and interesting person you have ever met and will ever meet…”

Yes, we should find our partner interesting. Some of the time. But the truth is, we’re all boring as chit sometimes. Especially in the day to day, whine about work and wash the dishes sort of way.

Important is subjective, too. Is your partner the “most important” when you’re going to get fired if that report isn’t done? Or when the baby is crying? No.

It would have been a better read if you’d referred to it as how to treat someone you love. It would still be mostly subjective. But women aren’t stamped out of a mold any more than men are. Some of us are romantic, some aren’t. Some are looking for a “hero,” others aren’t.

There isn’t a recipe for making “a woman” happy.
Which woman, dude? We’re not all the same.

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