I’m in the middle of the Canadian prairies, which means half the year is winter. The half that’s not winter, I don’t do so well with outdoor plants. I have a tendency to forget to water them. I do great on rainy years, though. My lilacs and raspberries seem to thrive despite my total neglect.

I should retire to Florida so I could wander over and pick your herbs. That’s one thing I never do well with. They always get aphids and I don’t even know where those horrid things come from. They seem to materialize out of thin air, I swear.

Inside I love to live in a jungle of tropical plants. At one point I had over 100 of them, but I’m down to a few dozen maybe. I’d like to add more again.

Have you ever tried those things called Mr Stacky? They’re pots that stack up so the plants grow vertically. Apparently having tall columns of plants is supposed to be good for them and they need less water or something like that. A local restaurant here uses them for strawberries and gosh, it’s gorgeous seeing tall columns of berries and knowing they pick those to go on my waffles.

Nice to meet you! :)

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