I’m Canadian. On vacations, I have had Americans ask if I have dogsleds and if I live in an igloo. Not in the northern states, but southern. In the northern states, I can say I’m a couple hours north of the Dakotas, and they know where that is. But the farther south I go, the more likely I’ll be asked about igloos and dogsleds.

I think often, people don’t look up things because it never occurs to them to do so. Most people in the southern USA don’t need to think about Canadians on a daily basis. lol. But put one in line behind them and the curiosity comes out. Same as your Kenya/shoes question — they never thought about it and then boom — there you were.

With Kanye and Jay-z and artists of that genre — I somehow think it’s different. I suspect it’s not they they are staying willfully ignorant in what they sing/rap about. I think it’s more about “what sells.” Once they build a reputation and a following with a certain kind of music, it’s hard to switch because the fans want what the fans want.

This was a thought provoking article — thanks!
Nice to meet you. :)

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